Sep 08

New developments in apologetics

Apologetics for Tweens
Recently, a Christian organization ordered 25 sets each of my 5th thru 8th grade scripture and apologetics curriculum. This brings the total of books sold to 150 this year. How exciting to see the interest in apologetics and the need to help prepare our youth to understand and defend their faith. Check out my Apologetics for Tweens blog  for monthly updates.

NCCA Speaking Engagement
The National Conference on Christian Apologetics will hold its annual conference again in Charlotte, NC on Oct. 12-13. This year’s theme is “The God Who Is”. It features the usual stellar prominent speakers such as Ravi Zacharias and Josh McDowell and many others, including myself! I’m in a breakout session and will lead a presentation on “Apologetics for Tweens”. I do expect considerable attendance as the trend toward teaching apologetics to youth is accelerating and gaining traction. If you plan to attend the conference or are in the area, you will find it highly engaging, interesting, and beneficial.

First Baptist 5th Grade Sunday School
My new class has begun and we are consistently achieving about 18 students each Sunday. They have all expressed tremendous interest in apologetics and the support from their parents is humbling. Almost all students expressed real interest in science issues and the early part of the year is typically where many of the science challenges arise, such as:

  • Age of the Earth. Very devisive but interesting debate. Does the Bible tell us? Is science right or wrong? Why is it important?
  • Evolution. Is it true? Did humans descend from a common ancestor of apes? What is evolution?
  • Noah, the Ark, and the Flood. Was it really global? How did they get all the animals on the ark?

My students have demonstrated real intelligent awareness of these issues and have serious and relevant questions about each topic. Do you know how to address these issues for your family and friends? Lack of answers to tough questions about science and Christianity has proven to create doubt in Christian youth and lead them away from the church. Isn’t it better if we provide them Christian answers to these issues instead of letting the secular world handle it?

Ratio Christi College Prep (RCCP)
Our relaunch is tentatively scheduled by end of September. This program offers two levels: 1 an apologetics network of resources, articles, training, education and certifications; 2 assigned academically trained apologist to mentor and strategize with your church in the implementation of youth and congregation apologetics programs ongoing. A long list of services are provided, mentored and monitored by an RCCP academically trained apologist. First, we train one or two adult mentor volunteers in the church. Then they implement our program, monitored through the RCCP apologist who serves like an Account Manager on an ongoing basis. The program is also designed to involve parents and other congregation and lasts for a year, renewable annually by the church. The church reciprocates by providing a donation to RCCP. Let us know if you have any referral churches who may be interested.

Ministry Teaching Update
My new assignment as Associate Professor of Apologetics with Immanuel Baptist Theological Seminary, a small seminary just outside of town, begins tomorrow night. The opportunity to work with current and future pastors who have influence in their own communities and churches is very exciting and appealing. It will allow me to impact minds and hearts for Christ in a broader way than teaching youth exclusively. Thanks for all your prayers and encouragement.

Also, please listen to the 20 minute radio broadcast recently from Faith Radio with my colleague Anna Kitko. The discussion is about the importance of preparing our youth for the secular attacks on college campuses.
Are your kids prepared for the secular college world? –

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