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Apologetics for Tweens is a one year curriculum with weekly scripture and apologetics lessons for 5th through 8th graders. It is the result of 13 years working with Christian youth at a Baptist church, particularly ages 10-14. As a homeschool teacher, parent, grandparent, children’s Sunday school teacher, youth pastor or Christian youth teacher, you are most likely aware that up to 70% of youth leave the church by age 22, primarily due to intellectual doubt. The fact is that questions and doubt creep in early and after age 12 only 7-10% of youth accept Christ if they have not already done so.

What is the answer? Experience and studies show that we need to help our kids understand why Christianity is true at a much earlier age than previously thought. There are some legitimate but difficult questions and criticisms about Christianity that need to be explained. Christianity has the answers but many adults and youth have not been taught the answers to tough questions. Don’t wait and hope that your child’s faith will be sufficient to carry them through the challenges in today’s postmodern culture. They need to know that Christianity is reasonable and has the best worldview for reality.

Please note, the Leader’s Guide is essential in order to best utilize the individual year’s curriculum. Thus, if you only wanted the curriculum for the 8th grade, you should purchase the 8th grade curriculum and the Leader’s Guide.

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The series can be purchased as a whole or by grade via a PDF download.  Please contact the author directly at tjgconsult@aol.com to make arrangements.