Aug 02

Why Do You Believe? – 7 Apologetics Audio Sessions

Welcome again to Apologetics for Tweens! This month I decided to provide audio sessions from our summer apologetics training series conducted in my church, First Baptist in Peachtree City, GA. Each audio link is about an hour and was given to a group of 50 to over 100 adults, college students, high school youth and even younger youth. The interest and feedback was exceptional. There are two weeks that were not recorded due to technical difficulties. Those two powerpoints are attached so you at least have that. In some cases there may be brief periods of silence where questions were asked from the audience without a microphone. Please be patient. I hope you enjoy the sessions. Please let me know if you have any questions or comments at . Powerpoints are also available on a per request basis.

Here are the links to the audio files:

Wk 1 – Intro to Apologetics, challenges

Wk 2 – Truth, Does God exist

Wk 3 – Science issues. audio not available. See powerpoint.

Apologetics discussion session 3 (6-11-18)

Wk 4 – Bible reliability. audio not available. See powerpoint.

Apologetics discussion session 4 (6-18-18)

Wk 5 – Jesus, atheism, agnosticism

Wk 6 –Problem of evil, other religions

Wk 7 – Predestination, OSAS, those who never hear

Tom Griffin

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