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Creation Apologetics and Homeschool Convention Report

Creation and other religions

Would you like your young students to know how to defend Christianity with some of the simplest yet most powerful evidential responses? Here are a couple examples from a March Sunday School class with my fifth graders.

We had a full class of 18 students. Several were new so when I began the apologetics lesson I explained that apologetics was “defending Christianity”. This is necessary because there are many criticisms, questions, doubts and even attacks from nonbelievers.

Creation. One student, Sam, raised his hand and said he thinks he may have experienced a kind of attack earlier that week. He explained that he was playing a video game with a friend and asked him if he was a Christian? (isn’t that an awesome, simple way to begin to share the gospel?) His friend said no and began laughing and mocking Christians saying it is silly to believe in an imaginary being in the sky. He said his parents don’t believe and taught him it was foolish.

Sam responded, “Really? Well what do you think created our entire universe then? Do you think it was some kind of energy or force from nature? But nature or energy did not yet exist so it had to be a supernatural cause.” His friend looked dumbfounded then asked if they could play a different game. Isn’t that awesome? Brilliant yet simple. Sure, no salvation event occurred but apologetics is about putting a pebble in their shoe that may grow into discomfort as they struggle to deal with the logical alternative. Perhaps this will lead to the Holy Spirit’s influence one day. Sam is only 11 and not afraid to discuss Christianity.

Other religions. Then I began to open the apologetics lesson about Islam. I began by asking, “Could other religions be true?” Immediately another student, Gracie, raised her hand and said, “No, not if Christianity is true because Islam teaches the opposite. The law of opposites says that if one thing is true and another teaches the opposite, it must be false. We know Christianity is true from all the evidence, so any religion that teaches the opposite must be false.” There you have it. Pluralism defeated in less than a minute. All roads do not lead to heaven. All religions cannot be true. Her simple and powerful understanding of the law of opposites (Law of Noncontradiction) enabled her to confidently and boldly know how to respond.

There is no reason why you cannot achieve the same in your homeschool group, or Sunday school class, or even in your home with your family devotion time. But you need the lesson materials to teach a simple and straightforward approach. Find some samples by clicking on the other tab “Apologetics for Tweens” and download some free samples.

Great Homeschool Convention

In March I travelled to Greenville to make two presentations to homeschool teachers about “Apologetics for Tweens”. Some 120 people attended my two sessions. 22 of them immediately purchased on of my Tweens curriculum to use for their homeschool teaching. In one case, a young couple purchased a curriculum just for their own use. They were not familiar with apologetics. Friends, there is a tremendous need and growing recognition that we need to help our youth know how to realize that Christianity is true and be able to defend it. Are you ready to participate?

 Recent parent testimonials

‘Thank you so much. This is awesome. Gracie is so excited about being in the 5th grade class. These are great lessons to teach our kids.’ (current 5th grade student)

“Just thought I’d let you know that out of seemingly nowhere today Nick said, “I just LOVED 5th grade Sunday school, I couldn’t wait each week for Sunday to come around!” Thank you so much for your investment in our kids!!’ (about a former 5th grade student from 5 years ago)

“A few weeks ago we made Ryan go to Sunday School. He is very smart but had complained for a couple years everything was boring and he did not want to go anymore. But we made him go a couple weeks ago. Afterwards, he came up to us and said he wants to start going again because it was so interesting. Last week he told us he was really excited about going to the next class.” (grandparents of Ryan, who now is attending Sunday School again and excited about it).

“Your class is so important and the teaching is desperately needed. I have one more child coming up who is in first grade now. Please tell me you will keep teaching for another 4 years.” (current 5th grade assistant teacher who has a 5th grader in our class now)

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