Feb 26

Smarter than a 5th grader part 1

This video  is from my class discussion this morning. See how brilliant these kids are! This is unrehearsed and unscripted. These answers are typical of what I see each week. It is gratifying for me, and should be for the parents, to know I am not just talking and no one is listening. They get it!

This is part 1 and next week we will do part 2. Some of the audio is a little difficult so I will remember to move closer next week when the children answer the questions. Please note that just because one of the students does not raise their hand to answer does not mean they do not know the answer. Some kids are a little shy, some like to think about things for a minute before they answer, and some kids just love to answer questions.

Congratulations to all the parents for excellent child-raising. I am so proud of this class. They are awesome!

Click on “View Album“, then watch the short videos from top to bottom in that order to get the best flow. Feel free to share with others.


Tom Griffin

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