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Feb 01

Alarms Sound for Gen Z!

By Tom Griffin. My main focus in apologetics over the last 20 years has been for our youth. When I began, it was over concerns for Christian youth and nonbelievers entering the primarily secular, liberal world of college. The statistic that drove concern was from decades of research by LifeWay and Barna that 70% of …

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Jan 16

Apologetics Impact Accelerating

Happy New Year to everyone! This month there are a number of impactful results to discuss from our apologetics efforts along with an upcoming opportunity in March. 5th Grade Sunday School During our first teaching Sunday of the new year recently, two parent couples of students in my fifth grade church Sunday School class walked …

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Dec 17

Church challenges with apologetics

Recently an attendee I met at a conference ordered the complete set of curriculum for Apologetics for Tweens. He has worked diligently at a local university to provide apologetics training and discussion for college students for nearly a decade. At the same time, he has been persistently reaching out in his own church to develop …

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Nov 11

Concerns About Christian Doubt Evident at NRBTV Conference

Last weekend I traveled to Murfreesboro, TN to attend a one day apologetics conference sponsored by NRBTV called “Defending Truth”. It featured notable Christian apologists Ravi Zacharias, Frank Turek and J. Warner Wallace. There were about 1100 attendees who waited patiently in a two block line to pass police security scanning on a drizzly Saturday …

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Oct 20

Major interest in apologetics for younger kids!

Last week I attended the National Conference for Christian Apologetics. Our organization, Ratio Christi, had a prominent table for interactions with attendees and partners. In addition to the usual traffic, it amazed and excited me to see the requests for apologetics material to help teach middle school and even younger age youth. I hung out …

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Sep 15

Coming Soon: Apologetics for Tweens!

After years of hard work, the Apologetics for Tweens curriculum is nearly ready for purchase and download! Check out the covers, here: More details to come!